Join the Virtual March in support of the DREAM Act 9/27-10/2

1. Check-In

Go to your Facebook to check-in at the “United States Capitol.”

2. Share Your Story

Update your Facebook status with a photo/video telling your story or a message on why Congress must pass the Dream Act. Use the hashtag #cleanDreamAct.

3. Spread the Word

Tag your elected representatives and your friends to spread the word of the virtual march.

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Since the release of DACA in 2012, I've been able to free myself from the shadows and strive to become a functioning member in this abled body society. DACA granted me the opportunity to continue my education and graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) as a Spanish Major and Mexican Studies minor with less financial worries and granted me access to some health care. Having DACA has granted me the opportunity to work and give back to my community . The Dream Act would mean that I have the opportunity to eventually become a citizen and give back to this county that I love."


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Take the Pledge to Join the Virtual March

I join this virtual march because every dream is worth fighting for. Every young immigrant deserves the opportunity to be a productive member of society. They are hardworking, patriotic, and honest human beings but most importantly they are family. Members of congress, pass a bill that can provide a pathway to citizenship to undocumented youth, a clean bill that doesn't criminalize our communities.